Leader of the Pack

The leader of the Pack is a leadership program for newly arrived young men which aims to strengthen personal leadership skills, support social and community connections and develop intercultural and interfaith understanding.
In addition, Leader of the Pack supports the young men in becoming active community participants by engaging in supported leadership opportunities beyond the program.

WYPIN partners with Western Bulldogs Community Division for this program.



Lead On Again

Lead On Again is a leadership program for culturally diverse young women (16-24 years) which aims to grow their confidence, skills, and opportunities to be leaders.

It encompasses a six-day strengths-based leadership program that supports young women to be active community participants and to engage in leadership opportunities beyond the program.

Lead on Again is run in partnership with Women’s Health West (WHW).


Recreation Activity Day (RAD)

Recreational Activity Day (RAD) is a school holiday program for newly arrived young people. RAD is facilitated in partnership between WYPIN, New Hope Foundation, Brimbank Youth Services, Maribyrnong Youth Services, Western Bulldogs Community Foundation, Spectrum Migrant Resource Center and Center for Multicultural Youth. An activity takes place each school holiday period. Plan for 2017 includes:

The aims of the program

  • To link and provide pathways for newly arrived young people into existing services and programs in Brimbank and Maribyrnong
  • To enhance opportunities for social connection and reduce potential for social isolation amongst young people newly arrived in Australia
  • To introduce a range of recreational, educational and social activities to newly arrived young people
  • To provide a platform for community education
  • To provide opportunities for capacity building leadership team building through involving local youth leaders in planning implementing supporting and evaluating the program
  • To collaborate resource and share information amongst services providers to improve settlement outcomes and avoid unnecessary duplication of services

Every school holiday we focus on different activities identified through ongoing consultation with young people and service providers

Rad photo website

2017 Activities

January- Beach Day

Term 1 Holidays– Team building and leadership camp

Term 2 Holidays – ArtsXpress

Term 3 Holidays – Sports Day