Why you should join?

Since WYPIN began in 1989 the organization has been generating positive change for diverse young people. The young people who make up WYPIN are the drivers of this change.

We believe in supporting each other, meaningfully working and connecting with our community and having fun while we do it!!

Our programs are designed by young people to develop skills and become powerful leaders.

We provide opportunities for personal and professional development, we work with schools and in partnership with local community organizations. We are particularly focused on combatting racism and discrimination in our community and creating a home we are all proud of, belong to and feel safe in.

Message from Najib Warsame, WYPIN Chairperson:

“Young people are a source of talent, creativity and resilience in our community.

WYPIN believes in inclusion and equality, all members of the organization have a say and a place in the long-term success of it. The power and decisions are spread across the organization, giving all members a voice to identify their needs and ideas to address community concerns.

We are all a part of the discussion and decision-making.

This process of inclusion and ownership not only engages every young person, but it is where the ideas, thoughts, projects and program development for social action are at their most genuine and authentic, and a true representation of what it means to be a youth-led organization.”

What can you get out of it?

  • Personal and professional leadership development
  • Skills to support your future goals and achievements
  • Collaboratively working with passionate young people to address social issues
  • Great friendships and networks

These discussions will help lead the organization, to explore more training opportunities, and discuss issues faced by young people currently and the steps we can make collectively to address those issues through program development in a collaborative and empowering setting.

“Through your involvement and commitment with WYPIN, you will be happy and fulfilled in the level of work and fun that can be a accomplished, when a group of passionate young people have a clear and strategic vision. As a member of WYPIN you won’t just be an individual volunteer, you will be apart of a community.” – WYPIN Committee member, 2017

We welcome you to join us!!



At WYPIN you can be a ‘General Member’ or a member of the ‘Executive Team’.

General Member: A young person who participates in activities and programs where available and receives information about WYPIN’s opportunities.

Executive Team: A young person on the executive team will have more responsibility in the maintenance of the organization. These roles are crucial to the sustainability of WYPIN. The young person who joins the executive team must have the time to commit to the role. Training and resources will be provided with support to transition into the role of your choosing.

Fill in a membership form below and email it to us gcreed@mcm.org.au. We will soon be in touch.

WYPIN Application Form (executive team)

WYPIN Membership Form

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